Friday, March 6, 2015


So how sentimental am I? 

Over a year ago a tiny person just learning to walk, finger printed the crap out of my beautiful old barristers. You must understand the love affair I have with these antiques. They are the most valuable furniture in the house and were rescued when someone who didn't know what they had tried to throw them away. I even tried to explain that these were 1930's stackable barristers with their original glass, but they just wanted them gone.  So they got gone into the back of my old pickup. These bookcases were fixtures in an SIU building from the time they were purchased until they moved in with me.  I. Love. These. Bookcases. 

But the fingerprints made by tiny hands were allowed to remain. I left them there for a while so her daddy could see her efforts at moving around the house. It was important he not miss anything...not even the fingerprints, while he was sick. 

Then I got attached. I've dusted around them, cleaned near them, and today I gave in. In the same way I need to stop letting the past weigh on our future, I needed those cases to be clean. So that tiny princess who was just learning to walk when she made them, very articulately asked if she could help. Seemed fitting for her first glass cleaning experience to be those prints. Her much bigger hands helped wipe away the mess. At any rate, the bookcases are spotless and you can laugh if you will but I choose to love both memories:) 

...well and I took pictures.

...also I probably should have thought of the picture thing a lot earlier because that dirty glass has been driving me bonkers!! Lol!! 

More proof that 2 masters degrees does not make me smart. :)