Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am not a droid

I discovered this week that I am not a droid.

I really thought I could be! I so wanted to be!

Yes. I'm talking about a freaking phone. What's better: the iPhone vs Android debate. Each saying "Come to the dark side! We have cookies!!" And I mean both want you to come to the dark side. There is no good guy! That's the great ruse. Both suck our money and our time, both have amazing features, and both cost a young fortune.

I had convinced myself that I could move to the Galaxy to save myself some money. I liked the phone. But in order to save money I was buying the 5 with the 6 coming out any second and condemning myself to two more years of an adequate phone whose tech was fading fast in favor of the new model.

My friend and tech genius Brian said very plainly (pardon the over used pun) "These are not the droids you're looking for." The Galaxy 6 looks amazing but I am a creature of habit. I knew the apple 6 was amazing and all I had to do was bring it home, plug it up to my computer and all my crap from texts to music would be right there. I fear change. I know Apple is the devil and I have eaten the fruit but I gave in and remained loyal to my clan. Yes I can only use their stuff for as long as we both shall live but I really like their stuff, man!

Now why have I spent time on a blog you probably could give a rats patooty about. Because I realized what the great phone debate was about for me It wasn't about the overloaded phone I kept asking to perform miracles it couldn't handle. It wasn't about who really had the better tech. It was about my worth!! Totally weird right!?!

For two years we've struggled...a lot...financially and mentally. I'd scrimped and saved for a new phone. The money was in the bank. The bills were paid. But I didn't think I deserved the phone. So many of my mom friends suffer this same mentality. We put our family first because we want to (and frankly for a while mine needed me to). We stress, we wonder what we could get for them instead. My husband had to threaten to yell at me yesterday to get me to pull the trigger. I did something for myself. I made a silly, frivolous, "I want this" purchase and then I felt awful. But by the end of the day yesterday I was coming around. It is ok to do something for me every once in awhile:) In fact God reminds me all the time in His word to remember my worth. Truth is it's probably something I'll always struggle with and I know I'm not alone. Why is it so hard for us to believe we deserve good things? And no I don't just mean expensive things. I just mean nice things that also include time for ourselves, or allowing joy to be our first emotion everyday.

So let me remind my mom friends to do stuff for you every once in awhile!! It's ok! And it doesn't have to cost a thing! It could be stopping to paint your toes:) Just do it!! (Nike, Star Wars- I have no issues stealing lines from anyone)

And for my fellow frugal peeps: Get a Sams membership people!! My phone was 50-100 bucks cheaper then AT&T and Best Buy and they offer a coverage for the phone for two years that beats AppleCare in number of replacements and replacement coverage. Crazy pants!!

Ok. I'm off now to play games on my huge screen and put off my real mom jobs a wee bit longer! See  ya soon!!