Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Transplant part deux

Two years ago today the biopsy that changed our lives occurred.  No one ever wants to hear the word cancer, and the doctor that told us was as indelicate about it as possible. In fact he was a disaster. It was Dr. Strickland that first laid out what Mark was facing and how we would face it. His team since then, including Dr. Greer, Dr. Kassim, Dr. Savani, and Dr. Jagasia have been nothing short of remarkable!!

Mark was unshakeable during the diagnosis and treatment planning and I was a wreck but two years in we are still here! What a ride it's been and we've had more support than I could ever imagine. Help that I will never be able to repay and friendships and family ties strengthened that have made our lives richer than money ever could. Speaking of which: Thanks to everyone for all their prayers yesterday and today! Mark always seems to be doing so well that you don't realize how serious all this is until you're in the room and they escort the special transplant cooler in and ask if your living will is up to date. Eek!! It reminds you that life is a fragile thing and we have to be grateful for every day.  He's been very tired today but feels good otherwise and we are headed back to reality and work tomorrow. Another hurdle bites the dust!

This journey has been tough but it's grown us into tougher people and better people if I do say so myself. We've truly learned a lot about the definitions of faith and grace.  And we've really learned what it is to humble yourself. Sometimes that means laying it all down in front of God and saying "ok it's yours, you take it and I'll just be right here." When you are a type A control freak that is the hardest lesson to learn as a Christian. And sometimes humbling yourself means graciously accepting a meal or a gift when it appears. When you're an employed professional that is very hard as well. You don't want to need help and sometimes it's hard to just shut up and be humble and accept that God has sent you an angel to give you what's needed. I will spend the rest of my days trying to be that angel for others as often as I am able and always keeping my eyes open for chances. I'm working harder not to miss the little things. I don't always succeed but I'm getting there.

So thank you all once again for being here!

Thus concludes the latest update from Wright land. We are off to prepare for two more days of work and then vacation! Yay! Sometimes reality rocks!

See you soon!