Monday, September 5, 2016

My letter to Kaepernick

Dear Mr Kaepernick and friends,

Have you ever really listened to the National Anthem? No seriously. Take a minute and listen to the words. That song is about a dark moment for our young country. A moment that seemed without hope and yet when the sun rose there stood that flag. That flag survived a time when people were tearing the world around them apart. Sound familiar?? It survived a literal war and then many more after. Since the writing of that song think about the power of that symbol. It stood through government indecision, injustice, hatred, attack, tragedy and more. No matter how heavy and awful our situation or the state of our nation that flag is the symbol that we, more than most nations, have the power to grow and change when time shows us we should. That's why we've also enjoyed so much prosperity and freedom. When we stand together and fight for what we believe, that flag is always at our back to remind us that we can make a difference. It reminds us of the bravery of all the men and women in uniform who station themselves all over the world protecting your right to play a game as a career or my right to teach, so that every morning when we wake up we can look up as Francis Scott Key did and see that flag and know that we have another day in a country that encourages us to fight for what's right and to celebrate our differences.  The anthem is an unabashed celebration of that symbol and a subtle reminder of what makes our country great even when we have so much we need to fix. All of this being said I feel that involving these symbols in your protest is disrespectful to all the great protestors who've come before you from the men who founded this nation to be a symbol of standing up for what's right, right up to men like Dr King who fought to change it again when not all were being treated the same. It's spitting in the face of the men and women who helped keep the right to object protected. So yes, please protest injustice! That is what makes America special. Make your voice heard!!! I'm simply asking you to consider other outlets. Because all you accomplish by disrespecting the flag and the anthem is to show everyone that you have no respect for or belief in the United States. If that's truly the case please make sure that you don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya on the way out. I expect you'll want to donate your big salary to organizations and groups that work responsibly to make a difference before you go. Of course the other thing that makes this country great is you don't have to agree with me. I'll still thank you for your time because I believe in approaching disagreements respectfully. 

Best of luck this season, 
Jamie Wright