Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finding Balance

Greetings gang!!

I apologize for being out of the loop for a bit!  I took a little time off to think and reorganize us a little mentally, so I can focus on the important things in life like Ellie and providing a healthy home for her and making sure we have time for ourselves and people we care about. 

After my recent freak out about not having time to spend with Ellie, I'm trying to find balance.  Until football season is over, I need to find more I can do with her physically at home to exercise.  We've been up and playing or playing on the floor much more actively so Mommy gets a work out as well but it's not quite enough yet.  Now that she's sitting up contentedly and entertaining herself I want to try going back to my elliptical and videos more often.  After football... I want some gym time. And maybe I can get the now slightly fizzled Knights Athletic Club back up and running.  I think I will feel less guilty with Mark home with Ellie.  I just want her to be with a parent. True, I want to be with her AS MUCH as possible but I'll take me time much easier if Daddy has her.  Not to mention, he won't have my after school madness so he can leave right away to get her.  Translation... cut out my meetings and travel time during the worst times of day to get across town and I'll have exactly the same amount of time I do now with Ellie at home.  Who knows, it might be more!  :)

And while I'm still working on figuring out what works for me, I still feel a lot better and Mark has lost over 25 pounds!!! (I kind of hate him a little.. how come boys can lose weight so fast?? LOL!!!) Seriously... I'm SOOOOOOOO proud of him! 

Now the other part of balance.  I've been griping constantly about not having time with Ellie and I think I've confused people. I still want to be a normal girl.  I've felt left out a few times lately or been very jealous of girls days out. And so I voiced upset about getting my feelings hurt in a particular instance to an uninvolved friend, who then suggested that maybe the leaver outterer in question just thought I'd want more time with Ellie since that's all I've talked about lately making me think the whole thing was really my fault. So I have to find a better balance.  I have to be able to spend time with Ellie and take at least tiny bits of time for me every once in awhile. I still need girl time and Mark and I still need at least a little grown up time.  I just hope I can figure out how to balance my tone in time to prevent our elimination from all the holiday party lists.  LOL!  Just another first time mom conundrum. 

So peeps - what do you do to find balance wherever you are in your life right now?