Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Perspective y'all

Hello peeps! I shall keep this very short. What do you do when you have set backs? Well, if you're me ya freak out!! Insurance benefits for some areas run out, hospital bills begin to climb, you panic about finding more work (yup. Did all that the last couple days.)

...and then you choose to stop freaking out when someone says something so simple, a something that all your friends have been repeating but just this once because it comes from a new source you really hear it!

I say:  "Our bills have so many zeros I'm just going to pay 20 and month on everything until I die and then they can just take what's left"

My teaching partner Sarah says, "you'll pay and it will be ok because it's such a good deal to get to keep Mark for so cheap" (or something close to that) :)

Boom! Mind blown! I've heard this a million times in various forms from my besties and other pals but Sarah and I have just begun to cultivate our friendship over the last few weeks as we've taught and for some reason that answer just actually sank in this time because I wasn't ready for it and nobody had put it quite that way! Yup! He's totally worth a monthly payment! In fact he's freakin priceless!! Thanks to all of you that remind me of the big picture:)

Lots of love,