Saturday, February 28, 2015

Totally tubular

I just asked Mark Wright to make this chicken dish I used to get at the Newell House in Carbondale. My friend Aaron made it a few times during visits as well, so I knew Mark could probably figure out what I wanted from a general description. So I calmly, and with a naive assurance that he forgives my lack of culinary terminology, began to explain the dish is made using snooty cheese and tubey pasta noodles. The snooty cheese was Gorgonzola. That was easy. I use snooty cheese to refer to all my faves: bleu, Brie, Asiago, Camembert, etc. 

However, after he figured out I meant rigatoni by tubey pasta noodles, he hasn't stopped making fun of me!! Apparently pasta and noodles are the same thing and he's deeply concerned the grocery store may not use sophisticated names for food such as tubey. He's just not being very nice and continues to look over and randomly laugh at me as we watch Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives (curse you Guy Fieri for your love of and therefore frequent showing of pasta!!) 

Listen people-there's a reason I'm not allowed in the kitchen. I should not be teased about stuff that's in the room I've been barred from! That is all. I hope my lack of knowledge concerning tubey foods brought you a smile (though I hope not as smug) like the one Mark Wright is wearing currently.