Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 1 - Live From the Trenches

Ok.  So today was officially the first day of public attempts at life change.  Successful? Eh. Not too bad I suppose.

Here's the deal:

When I went to talk to my general practitioner a couple of weeks ago (thank you peak of allergy season), he and I discussed the fact that he had never fought for me to lose weight, just agreed it would be a good idea, because my numbers all rocked.  But he could see how concerned I was with getting healthy and we agreed taking a few more pounds off was a great way to do it.  So he suggested we try an experiment.  With my work schedule this summer and Ellie's daycare schedule, I have plenty of time for small workouts four to five days a week.  He asked if I had ever considered Phentermine as a way to augment my progress.  I have NEVER used any get skinny quick products to my knowledge other than a brief and rather unsuccessful attempt at Medifast (I like food faaaaar to much for starving) and Weight Watchers (points counting was too much pressure and made the good foods rewards which meant I craved them more). Oh alright... I did at one time by one of those stupid battery powered belts that were supposed to work out your abs while you went about your day.  Hang on to your hats as this is a shocker... it didn't work and felt as stupid as it now sounds!   Anyway... I digress. 

We talked about the medicine at length.  I explained I'd been most successful just eating smart, avoiding preservatives and unneccessary carbs, and working out.  He said this was PERFECT!  If I could do the phentermine for June and MAYBE July this summer ONLY, it may help kick start my progress and keep me motivated.  So today was day 1.  And you know what... I actually was less hungry and ate less, which was either the med or my desperate attempt to believe it was the med as it cost me 32 freakin dollars!! (Ok. It cost Mark 32 freakin dollars but what's mine is mine and what's his is mine, right? :) And Mark and Ellie even went for a walk with me this evening.  It was decidely short but it was our first night and we did it together so I'll take it! Oh and by the way... I didn't get on the scale.  I'll use my last Doc visit weight as my starter.  I'm serious about making this about my health and not a magic goal number.  :)

Now... as for front #2: Money Matters
Well, a few days ago the lawn mower broke - and of course it's not the super simple fix we hoped for although hopefully it won't be too bad.  Then today the Dryer (less than 3 years old - Grrr) broke - and of course it's not the super simple fix we hoped for although hopefully it won't be too bad.  And the hospital called to say they had reevaluated our insurance coverage of Ellie's hospital stay and of course it's not the super simple fix we hoped for and I owe them another 150 buckeroonis.  So after one day during which we carefully planned meals and bought groceries we've actually succeeded at taking 9 steps backwards.  Seriously!?!  I can't help but laugh at this point.  As my boss ALWAYS says, "It is what it is" and it's not like we're in danger of losing a roof over our heads or not buying Ellie what she needs as of yet, so we'll just keep plugging.  I have to believe we will dig ourselves out... it's just going to take a while.  :)

Even with the financial debacle full of potential impending doom to our budget... I'll call today a win. 

I'll post again after another few days or if anything interesting happens! 

Thanks to the few of you who are reading this and keeping me honest.  Feel free to share it!