Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 1 Over Half Done

Hello out there!

Let's start with Mr. Murphy and get the small amount of suck out of the way early shall we.  The lawnmower does not look good.  Fingers crossed the small engine mechanic looking at it tomorrow will discover my husband and our friends who've looked at it were horribly wrong and it will cost like 5 bucks.  I can dream right?  The dryer was one hundred and fifty freakin dollars!!! (Like how I typed that out for emphasis?) So in the land of improving our finances, Murphy and his stupid law can bite my big toe!  I'm over them right now!  I recently told a friend that if you follow bad or sad news or thoughts with a smiley face, no one can accuse you of being Debbie Downer.  So :) :) :) :)

The upside:  We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University this week.  I went to the first class for both of us last night.  We have SO FAR to go but I really think his system makes a lot of sense so I'm committed to trying it on the basis of one quote from his lecture; "We're not selling microwaves, we are in the crock pot business."  I'm writing that down EVERYWHERE to remind myself not to be impatient.  The program is honest and it's meant to be permanent not quick! You see I'm a fixer so I like to clean up messes as quickly as possible.  We didn't spend ourselves under debt mountain in a day and it will take us a while to dig out but we are diggin and making better choices. I just have to remember it's about being the best us and not keeping up with the Jones's.

Now for what you've all been waiting for:

So how's the phentermine going?  Well I'm not any skinnier but I am less hungry!  I've been trying to consciously make positive choices every day and I've had a couple of setbacks, but I'm eating better and WAY WAY less!  Yay!  Now to bring the exercise portion of this up to par.  I've been counting my pool time a little more heavily this week than I should.  I mean come's summer!!  A girl's gotta get in the pool!!  But if you just stand in the pool it hardly counts as exercise.  My mouth moved a lot while talking to the other girls in and around the pool, and my fingers worked very hard squeezing the trigger of the water guns I found, but I don't think that burns a whole bunch of calories. I'll have to look it up to double check.  :)  Again, a girl can dream! 

I'm just proud of myself for not making multiple trips to the junkfood aisle as we've gotten craptacular news about the mower and dryer.  I've always been a stress eater.  It's not that I eat tons, but when I'm stressed I make poor choices about what I eat.  I know that's a fairly common struggle.  So the game plan is to continue to NOT stress eat and amp up the exercise.  I have a feeling that the healthier I feel the easier this will get!  On to the weekend! 

Thanks for reading!!!