Sunday, June 2, 2013

Here We Go!

Well here we go! 

I haven't really written anything for anyone but me to read in a long time, but I decided to create this blog as a sort of online accountability partner so I hope a few of you out there will follow it and keep me honest!

I'm a fairly new mom (my little one is 4 months old) and I'm fat.  It's ok.  I always have been...since about age 6 I guess.  I'm also broke.  It's ok.  I always have been.  ha ha!

As for the first problem, I'm actually already 20 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with Ellie.  But I'm struggling with a rather vexing problem:  If I'm lighter than before, why don't my dang pants fit right?? My shape has changed drastically and I don't like it.  I don't mind being bigger.  When you have been your whole life you sort of get over it and move on to more pressing issues.  I've never minded because I've always been perfectly healthy!  Scoff if you must but it's true!  I've had perfect blood pressure, blood sugar, and perfect cholesterol forever.  But my doctor called and after having Ellie, I've become borderline diabetic.  With a family history of diabetes on both sides this is an issue I figured I'd have to deal with at some point but now that it's a reality... I'm mad!  I don't want to have any health issues while Ellie is growing up.  I want to be around to enjoy my grandkids... and since I'm an older mom to begin with, I need to get with it.  So this is not a blog about my attempts to get skinny!! Get real and get over it!  I am who I am and that's all that I am. (Thanks Popeye!) This is about getting healthy and my attempts to do so.

It's about a little more as well.  At the same time I am trying to get healthy, I'll be trying to do it on an extreme budget.  I'm not really sure what happened.  I left my 20's with a big fat savings account, took vacations wherever in the world I wanted, and had almost no bills.  And now... I live paycheck to paycheck, pray we have no extra bills come up to throw off my careful balancing act, and owe EVERYONE money!  So what happened???  In short: We were idiots!  Big, huge idiots.  I want my old bank account back and I'm going to try to get it. 

So this is a multi-purpose blog.  I hope you'll read along while Mark and I try to straighten priorities and straighten our waist lines.  :)  I have big plans!  Now let's see if I can follow through!  :) :)