Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bring the Advice

Hi everyone!!!

This will be a short one.  Things are still on the right track.  But I'm going to ask for your advice at the end so get ready!!

I have a doctor's appointment coming up in the next two weeks and I'm scared to see the weight.  I don't know if I've lost any and it's driving me nuts.  I don't think it's much but everyone tells me I look better and a little thinner.  I suppose that means I am achieving my goal of healthier.  :)  I was told it shows most in my face.  Healthier is what I really want so I'll take it!  Mark on the other hand is the incredible shrinking man!!! He's OBVIOUSLY thinner.  I'm so proud of him!! :) :)

I'm just ready for some more dramatic change because I don't see it yet.  I thought I would have an easier time in the summer but that's so not true!!! At school, I'm on a routine and I can't just eat if I'm bored because I'm NEVER bored.  That's still a temptation for me this summer. In fact when you're bigger it tends to be an issue all the time.  It's not that chubby folks eat a bunch of crap, but I know there are some like me who eat when they're happy, eat when they're sad, eat at a party (it's polite), eat when you're bored, eat because you're in a hurry, you're on a road trip, you passed an amish person on rumspringa... you get the idea.  So I suppose this week I've noticed myself fighting that battle.  We are eating so much less at dinner and so much less in general but I'm still so tempted to oversnack.  Any advice on that battle?  I used to cross stitch or read when I was tempted to snack but with Ellie that's harder to do.  She gets my attention and I LOVE giving it to her.  However it's very easy to snack and pay attention to her and a great way to stay awake so I can pay attention to her. Lol!!  So gang... advise away!!! I need all I can get! And Mom's on the go: Any suggestions for exercises I can do while watching Ellie (besides walking in the 900degree heat)?  :)

In other news:  This week's favorite light and healthy meal (as advertised on facebook) was Eggplant Parmesan.  My husband sliced two scrubbed eggplants (peels on) like an accordion, lightly salted them (he used garlic salt for flavor) and let them weep for a half hour or so before patting them and setting them in a casserole dish that had a jar of tomato basil marinara.  In between each slice he layered part skim mozzarella and then put it in to bake until the eggplant was tender at 400degrees.  Then he pulled it out and put a small amount of bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese on the top and put it back in the oven to brown up.  It was DELICIOUS!!!

Favorite cheap healthy find of the week: Muller Corner greek yogurt.  They have yummy fruit and granola varieties.  SO GOOD!!!

Ok friends, let that advice role and I'll tell you what I'm going to try next week!  Thanks for staying tuned!!