Sunday, July 14, 2013

Follow the Signs (or Why Squash is of Satan)

Ok.  So this is an aside from my usual posts about weight loss.  This has been a very educational mom week.

Three days ago we started Ellie on Butternut Squash.  The pediatrician has recommended it EVERY TIME we've been in the last few months like a broken record.  "Try sweet potatoes, green beans, and butternut squash."  Just goes to show, every kid is different and our kid is right there in the broken mold category.  Turns out butternut squash isn't good.  It isn't nice.  It's the devil. Yup, satan incarnate.

I am SPOILED ROTTEN!! And I don't just mean by Mark.  We all know I wake up every morning and put on my shiny tiara.  It happens.  It's his fault.  Somewhere in our past I used to be a totally independent human being.  Now... I can't even make coffee and I have no idea where a single pan is in this entire house.  I wish for things and they appear. (true story... and yes, I know EXACTLY what a sweet deal and great hubby I have and I plan to keep him so hands off ladies. :)

So Ellie, being 50% her father, has had the good sense thus far to spoil me as well.  While she has had some respiratory funk off and on; she's super easy to please, she's not a fit thrower as of yet, and she rarely if ever spits up or makes a mess.  ...until squash.  Did I mention squash is the devil yet?

This is a lesson in 'follow the signs, they're everywhere'.  Girlfriend has been spitting up the last couple of days.  Nothing serious.  First day was after playing in her bouncy. Yesterday was right after some bouncing around with friends.  Once was after a fit of coughing - see afore mentioned respiratory funk.  She and her dad have both had sinus issues with the funky humidity of the last week. So I thought nothing of it.  So she had a few cradle cap spots back!  That happens.  And it was hot so I'm sure the ones from around her mouth were from chewing on her hands and from her paci in the hot outsideness. Um... nope.  I am never going to be super mom.  I have friends who have that title firmly in the bag.  But I do strive to be really good mom so I feel like an idiot for not FOLLOWING THE SIGNS!!!

Today after squash she didn't spit up.  She projectiled... everything... and I'm pretty sure it was all three days of squash.  3 hours later... hello all 6 ounces of bottle and all of last week's formula. She and I have had two full wardrobe changes this evening and my lazy boy is still recovering. My child does not throw up!  What could this madness be???

In a typical blind panic, (please note Mark was calm and cool, and while he went along with it I'm sure he rolled his eyes when I turned to leave the room) I called the nightime urgent care answering service for our pediatrician to which they responded... "She threw up?  Anything else?  Fever? Anything?"  They very patiently explained that 3 days of a food she clearly wasn't tolerating have led to a sour stomach. So now she's sleeping it off, we are armed with pedialyte and fresh changes of clothes, and hoping for no more yuckiness tonight.  Butternut squash is the devil.

They suggested we reintroduce it to her in a couple of weeks to see if it induces more projectile throwing up before we rule it out.  Ummm... nope.  Thanks though.

So to make a long story short, whatever you do in life, DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS.

Tune in later this week for the regular weight loss/budget portion of the blog!  :)

Thanks, as always, for reading my little rants and raves!