Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tiny Plate Triumph!!

Hi everyone!!!

So we are one week in to the tiny plate experiment and it's AWESOME!!! To recap: Mark and I decided a week ago to put away our big dinner plates and only eat off our salad/dessert plates. We already notice a huge difference in what we can eat.  We are full very quickly!  I think in the long run this will make a big difference!!  My stomach is literally shrinking and I know it.  We went to a BBQ Saturday and I ate less than I used to at those events and was still MISERABLE!!! I'm learning very quickly that smaller is better and just because it tastes good, I don't HAVE to eat it.

Problem we still face: What we eat.  Food is still a reward and we indulge too much.  Holly has been here this week from FL which, now that she's going home, I realize has been the perfect excuse for candy, and ice cream, and pizza - Oh my!! Yes we've only had tiny servings of the bad stuff but we've had it. 

So what's the next thing I aim to conquer? Changing our way of thinking.  We've changed our way of eating now we have to change our way of thinking about food.  It needs to be nutrition.  We love summer veggies and summer fruits so our choices right now need to be full of them.  We feel better after we have them and feel miserable after we have pizza so why choose pizza?  Convenience has to stop being an excuse!!  I can see in our actions this week that we are still to hung up on that one.

So that's what we will conquer now. It's a tough time to do it because when I'm stressed I eat for comfort and Mark and I are both worried about what the future holds.  Don't get me wrong... we know God has the job situation under control, but we are still human and we still worry when we don't mean to.  Especially when things don't go our way.

In financial land, it's bill time and I'm just trying not to think about it! LOL!! Dave Ramsey's class has been AMAZING!  I highly recommend it to everyone.  So I'm going to follow his plan this month and pay what we can pay and draw a line.  Anything below the line doesn't get paid and that's just it.  But I think, thanks to some VERY generous surprises, we will be just fine this month and nothing will be below the line.  I'll let you know next week.  But we got a couple surprises in the mail to help with expenses and apparently someone paid next week's daycare bill!  It's unbelievable!!! God has blessed us immensely and everytime I start to wallow I need to remember that! Our family is fairly healthy overall, we are all able to see each other on a regular basis... just that is so much more than so many others we care about are able to say and we CANNOT forget it!!!

Until next week!!! We've changed our portion so now we change our plan!!! 

Thanks for reading as always!!!! :) :)